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Periapical periodontitis, also known as apical periodontitis, AP, or periradicular periodontitis, is a condition characterized by an acute or chronic inflammatory lesion around the apex of a tooth root. This condition is typically the result of bacterial invasion into the pulp of the tooth. The term "periapical" is derived from "peri," meaning "around," and "apical," referring to the apex of the tooth root—the tip of the root. "Itis" denotes a disease characterized by inflammation.

Periapical periodontitis can develop as a natural consequence of various dental issues, including dental caries (tooth decay), irreversible pulpitis, and pulpal necrosis. It often arises when these dental problems go untreated, although it may not always be the case. In some instances, periapical periodontitis can occur due to factors such as occlusal high spots following dental restorations, extrusion of endodontic root filling material, or bacterial invasion and infection originating from a gingival communication rather than a pulpal source.

Left unaddressed, periapical periodontitis may progress into a periapical abscess, where pus collects at the end of the tooth root due to the spread of infection from the tooth pulp (odontogenic infection). Alternatively, it can develop into a periapical cyst, characterized by a fluid-filled structure lined with epithelial tissue.

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